To prevent further infringements of our human rights.

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Audrey Morey started this petition to The Democratic Voice of the people.

I'd like to bring to everyone's attention that this is still a democratic country. The president declared a state of DISASTER not a state of emergency! In a democratic country the majority vote is what is heard. The majority voted the ANC into power, the minority had to suck up their rule regardless of their opposing view.

I would like to call upon all South Africans to put a vote of no confidence in the current government. The fact that 70 000+ submissions were recieved regarding the sale of tobacco products of which 2000+ opposed the sale of tobacco. And let's give them the benefit of ineptitude for tallying numbers and say 20 000 opposed, it is still a minority vote!

If we had to use their same logic where the minority is what counted then Freedom Front would be the ruling party and not the ANC!
If this enforced ban of cigarettes regardless of majority being in favour of lifting the ban does not open your eyes to fact that we are paving a way to an autocratic government then you are either blind or a complete idiot.

Yes I am a smoker, but that's not the point... the methodology and principle used to impose the ban affects smokers as well as non smokers. As a non smoker it doesn't immediately affect you in any way, but it should concern you because this concession to the minority will not end at the banning of cigarettes and alcohol. Your own freedoms will be taken away eventually. Where is my proof, the W.H.O has called on countries to end their lockdowns and follow the approach of Sweden. Some MP whose name i didnt catch said "base your requests on local data" and yet they are using international models to enforce these irrational decisions on our freedoms.

The ANC no longer resembles the legacy of Madiba. If he was alive and still held the ability to govern our country this irrational power hunger decision making would be quelled to a large extent.

I am not a politician and I have no fancy letters in my title. I am a mother, a wife, a woman and I love my country and I am concerned for our future as a nation... our constitution was written and accepted on the ideology of "For the people, by the people" and we have strayed very far from that ideal and it is scary. Over the years we have lost our voice and sucked up so many biased decisions. We need to remember that this country belongs to us all. It's not apartheid, it's a rainbow! We all have red blood and we all have a deep love for SA. And SA is bleeding out and we need to treat the wound.

My hope is that we will band together as a rainbow in all it's glory and regain our Voice for the government to be For Us and By Us.

I understand we are in unknown territory and there are fears that come with and some of us have a lot to lose if there is any factual basis to the media reports on Corona. We are probably one the top countries that are rife with people who have comorbidities and thus easier susceptible to horrible fates should they contract the disease. I know and love a few people that fall into that category... but how can we trust a government that has no trust in us? We need a government that is for us and not against us... and they have shown that they are not for us a number of times.

I hope a like minded member of parliament sees this and takes on this cause.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!