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People and Restaurants to stop using disposable chopsticks

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China produces roughly 63 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks a year. This equates to approximately 3.8 billion trees felled annually. The timber used to produce disposable chopsticks comes from all over the world and includes but isnt limited to Russia, the United States and Canada. This important resource is being squandered to produce one time use chopsticks. Additionally, the deforestation is depleting critical animal habitat and has been blamed for recent landslides in certain parts of Asia. Re-usable or washable chopsticks  are readily available. Disposable chopsticks cost approximately two cents per pair for restaurants and re-usable chopsticks cost around $1.17 a pair. However, re-usable chopsticks have a life span of about 130 meals, making them cheaper over the long term in comparison. It's time we re-think the use of this planet's resources and start making small differences that will have a large effect.

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