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The Defense of Law Enforcement Act

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We must protect those committed to protecting us!

The radicalization of urban youth is leading to a climate of a seemingly open season on Law Enforcement by assassination. Law Enforcement continues to be given an impossible job, but at the same time, is increasingly call upon to do their job with one hand tied behind their backs. We must make the consequences of assassinating, attempt to assassinate or to cause the death of a law enforcement officer by a firearm while in the commission of a crime among the most heinous crimes a member of our society commits and thus make the punishment the severest punishment possible. The punishment must be uniform across all 50 States and territories as well as under expedited processes.

Specifically, The Defense of Law Enforcement Act should do at least four things:

  • That the federal government list assassination, attempted assassination, or the death of a law enforcement officer that results from the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime a capital offense covering every jurisdiction of the United States and thus punishable by death through expedited processes.
  • That the government labels all offenses against law enforcement officers or their property motivated in whole or in part by an offender's bias or prejudice against law enforcement a Hate Crime.
  • that the federal government set aside funds for states to insure law enforcement officers with death benefits up to one million dollars for officers killed in the line of duty.
  • That the federal government set aside funds for states to promote “When the Lights Flash Blue, What Do You Do?” video instruction as part of the training to renew a license or to acquire a new driver’s license in the United States. The video will explain how passengers should act and position themselves when stopped by a law enforcement officer to ensure the safety of both the officer and the passengers.

I want to do something to help stop what appears to be a growing crisis. Retaliating against law enforcement will not end well for both the communities in need of protection and agents assigned the job of protecting. Please lend your voice to this petition such that Congress will act in 2017.

We must work to protect those whom we pay to protect us!

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