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Eliminate the use of paper at Dawson College

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This topic is very important to me as I try to conserve and limit the amount of paper I use, but sometimes I can’t. This issue is important because it is one of the causes of deforestation and deforestation is a huge problem in the world. Though I understand paper was always used in the past because it was cheap and a better option than alternatives, we now have technology that can almost completely nullify our need for paper in school settings. Electronic hand-ins can replace printing papers and documents. Writing notes on computers instead of in notebooks can help save a lot of paper too. Teachers can send documents through Lea to students instead of printing out an absurd amount and handing them out to class. We have all these alternatives, yet we choose not to use them and I find it very wasteful. Therefore, my position on this issue is that I’m in favour of only using paper in schools when absolutely necessary (scantron tests, art classes, etc).

My hopes are that Dawson takes notice and enough people sign it, so that I could bring it to the higher-ups at the college and see if they’re willing to do anything about it. Even if people don’t want to sign, it’ll bring more exposure to the topic so more people will realize that it’s truly an issue we should be trying to solve. If Dawson College does end up making a change, I can then start the same thing in other schools, who will hopefully try to follow suit, and it would create a domino effect. The relevant political institutions would be Dawson initially, followed by any school in its vicinity that I could try to influence, whether it be elementary, high school or other cegeps.



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