Mean Milk

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Dairy is a staple food and ingredient and dairy farming is a practice that provides jobs all over the world. However, dairy cows live short, cruel, and inhumane lives and the practice of producing their milk wastes and takes over so many natural resources! So, how can we improve this practice and make it not just beneficial for humans, but sustainable for the world?

  • Did you know that beef cows get up to 3 years with their mothers but dairy cows spend less than 24 hours before they are taken away?
  • Cows are maternal creatures. They will spend hours after their baby is born licking and tending to them, if given the chance. When their babies are pulled, often dragged away from them, they often bellow for days.

  • One cruel practice that many dairy cow face is having their tail surgically removed without painkillers. It’s believed that doing so keeps the udder clean.

    Cows are also dehorned, a process in which the farmer will cut or burned off the horns. Again, no painkillers are provided.

It is up to you to make the change. Not only can you be the first to change how dairy farming is practiced, but YOU can be the one to advocate and raise awareness to what cruelty is being brought up to our animals. We need your help to make dairy farming a more sustainable practice. 

Sign this petition so that we can get dairy farms to hear our voice and the voice of all the cows who face cruel lives.

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