Give Brandon Routh's Kingdom Come Superman his own Show

Brandon is one of the greatest Superman actors. He’s my second favorite Superman next to Christopher Reeve. I’m asking WB to please, please, please give us a Superman series starring Brandon Routh as Superman. Fans want this WB. Please listen to the fans and give us more of Brandon’s Superman. A movie or movie trilogy. A series on HBO,HBOmax,sci-fi channel,Netflix,amazon prime, or CW. Please WB. Any streaming service will do. You could even do a Routh Superman meets Cavill Superman movie. It is possible now thanks to the CW crisis on infinite earths crossover event. The Tv Flash met the movie Flash . I can’t see why it can’t work for Superman. It would be even bigger than when the two versions of the Flash met. It would make a whole lot of money I’m sure of it. Plus a Superman meets Superman movie would be a historic event. Think about the amount of fans going to see this film WB. Both Routh fans and Cavill fans going to see a Superman meets Superman team up film. We’re talking box office records WB.

All I’m really asking for WB is that you please bring back Brandon Routh’s Superman. Ever since Superman Returns, I’ve waited to see his version again. I was so thrilled to see him return to the role in this past winter CW event, but I still feel like Brandon deserves more time in the role. Brandon deserves to play Superman again. Please WB. Bring Back Brandon Routh’s Superman. We miss his Superman.

Michael Moreno, Chester, NJ, United States
1 year ago
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