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Bring back characters on supernatural!

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There have been a few characters killed off on the show supernatural that can EASILY come back (considering the name of the show, and people who have come back before, such as Sam and Dean and Castiel and Mary)

1. Gabriel-Gabriel could have EASILY faked his own death with lucifer, and stayed away from the action. Maybe explain that God visited him and encouraged him to join up with Dean and Sam? 

2. Bobby-After helping Castiel, sam, and Dean get Metatron out of prison in heaven, we see Hannah and the other angels enter Bobby's heaven, then, nothing! Is he ok?! Bring him back!

3. Charlie-we were robbed of the emotional impact of charlie's death because it was quick, and off screen! She was an imprtant character, and the writers have a BAD habit of killing off every strong female hero, or making then unlikable!

Seeing as God and Amara brought back Mary **sighs** they easily have the power to bring back other people. Charlie and Bobby can easily be explained by briefly bringing back Chuck and Amara for a battle of some kind, and Chuck and Amara saying something along the lines of "you guys need all the help you can get" and maybe even bringing back Jo, Ellen, and Balthazar. We miss them too!

Also, put an end to the whole "is Adam in hell or not thing" by doing a gloss over mention, or having an episode about it!

We also haven't heard anything about the kid who was supposedly the anti-christ,  bring him back as a villain, tie up some loose ends for goodness sake! 

We all LOVE the show, or we wouldn't have been watching this long, but there are characters that we want to see again, or would like their stories to be completed! Thank you! 

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