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Make CW's Jughead Asexual, just like the Canon

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The CW's upcoming show Riverdale - a reimagining of Archie Comics - has made a major change to one of its predominant characters - Jughead Jones - by changing his sexuality from Asexual to Heterosexual.

Jughead is one of the very, very few Asexual characters amidst popular culture, and making this change is a huge step back from sexual diversity and asexual awareness.

I am one of the admins from the Facebook community Everything Nerdy and Anything in Between. On there I go by the alias Dark Willow. And as an Asexual myself, I am horribly saddened by this outcome.

With your help, we can try to push back. To spread the word, and hopefully make Jughead's sexuality asexual just, like the Canon intended.

That being said, we know unfortunately that nothing can be changed in the upcoming season, but we want to show CW and other major networks that their viewers will no longer stand by whilst they insult and erase sexual identities in our media anymore.

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