Bring the screenwriters of season 1 and 2 of “the Flash” back

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We would like the screenwriters of season 1 and 2 of “the Flash” back.
We are your fans, those ones who loved your 2 first seasons, those ones who shared amazing moments and you made us be part of your dream, "the Flash". We are the ones that buy your dvds and recommend your series to everyone, those ones who wait in front of the TV to watch the live show, postponing any other tasks and who follow you by social media. However, many of us are also the ones who have realized huge script changes between seasons 1-2 to 3-4 and this series, this dream, has been transformed into a sweet soap-opera where badly written characters, who don´t contribute at all, have more importance and minutes (sometimes more than the hero), those minutes and moments are subtracted from great actors whose characters could have multiple possibilities and the fight moments have been reduced too. We have watched the hero relegated to the background, coaching instead of deep conversations, the transition of intimate friendships to each character suffering by their own in front of the rest who don´t mind it, the hero using his skills for his own welfare and not making decisions without being questioned besides a non-sense or forced love story (we know it´s canon but it´s badly adapted and it doesn't seem credible), even oppressing sometimes (although this, the villains are still the best in most of the shows and the special effects are impressive).
For all these reasons we want to ask for you the return of the old screenwriters of “the Flash” who wrote the first 2 seasons. Some people think we may stop watching this series, but we think about that as the last alternative, because you really made us love your series and feel part of it (and we thank you, because you have given us a lot of good moments), so we would like to go on being part of this if the series doesn´t change its essence.
We hope you will consider our petition. Thank you very much, we know that you are the best ones (you have shown it before) so you can do it.
With all our fondness
- Your fans who love you

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