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Another LGBT Character: Lena Luthor

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Queer-baiting is a terrible way to gain an audience. Putting aside the fact that the relationship between Kara Danvers and Mon-El feels forced... Lena Luthor has shown signs of having feelings for Kara Danvers. Even if they don't ultimately end up together, another lesbian character will only help the show gain stronger respect. The chemistry between the two actresses is astounding. The show has done amazing things politically, but it still has, sadly, had its share of queer-baiting. We were given an episode where Alex comes out, then she gets the girl, and now we don't get much more from either of them anymore. After the Valentine's episode, I personally stopped watching. I only check on spoiler updates to see if it will be worth getting back into. This is the exact reason I was hesitant to even start watching the show. I just knew it would end up diverging away from all of the diversity it set up. Why is Kara with a pretty shitty guy that has the gall to be misogynistic toward Supergirl? He practically made himself just seem to be what she wanted. Why must a woman have to make a man better? Why does it feel like Kara is settling? Why do we have to suffer through a divergence from a show about diversity and pushing toward acceptance to see another show about a relationship that feels all wrong and rushed just to have the woman be with a man? There's so much potential to do something different with this show. Lena Luthor could be an iconic decision waiting to happen.

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