Everyone deserves access to community services. It's time for policymakers to fund them.

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The Alliance: The Voice of Community Nonprofits
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For the first time in 11 years, the State has a budget surplus. Policymakers should use this opportunity to support people in need.

Everyone deserves access to nonprofit community services. To make that happen nonprofits need a funding increase. Nonprofits support people with developmental disabilities, provide services to people struggling with addiction and mental illness, and feed and shelter the homeless, and much more. But they are struggling to keep up with the need for services.

For more than a decade, nonprofits have endured budget cuts. If funding for community services isn't increased this year, with revenues improved and a record surplus, when is the right time?

Policymakers have already agreed to spend hundreds of millions of dollars from the budget surplus on the Teacher’s Retirement system and a settlement with Connecticut’s hospitals. What about nonprofit community services? If not now, when?

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