Bring legal proceedings against the BBC and Lucy Manning for contempt of court

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Political activist Tommy Robinson (whose real name is Stephen Yaxley Lennon) was convicted of contempt of court, at the Old Bailey on 5th July 2019, on three counts, one of which was "aggressively confronting and filming defendants as they entered court", for which there is video evidence. About a month prior to this event, journalist Lucy Manning of the BBC aggressively confronted and filmed Mr. Robinson as he entered court on the occasion of the preliminary hearing designed to establish the viability of proceedings against Mr. Robinson, for which there is also video evidence. Justice is blind, and given that it has now been established in law that "aggressively confronting and filming defendants as they enter court" is a crime under contempt law, Ms Manning and her employer the BBC need to be held to the same standards. I urge the CPS to act accordingly and bring appropriate legal proceedings against either the journalist herself or her employer, the BBC, or both.