Spartan: Total Warrior - Re-launched (PC, STADIA, PS4, XONE, NSW)

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Spartan: Total Warrior was a good game launched in 2005 for all systems (all but PC :S ).

It needs a second chance to flip us again ;)

How many games let you fight as an authentic spartan from 300s franchise?

In how many games can you live inside awesome battles between 2 or more huge armies?

How many games let you defeat an entire Empire with your shield and sword?

Spartans, Trojans, Barbarians, Romans... all of them are inmersive in this epic adventure !!

But not only humans, because gods and monster are also invited in this awesome and underrated game.

Sega and The Creative Assembly, creators of Total War franchise, needs to Re-launch or remaster this classic master piece.

Please, support us with your sign and share this with everyone to make this dream possible !! :D

Thank you so much for your help !! :)

Spartan: Total Warrior for PC, STADIA, NINTENDO SWITCH, PS4, XBOX ONE...