Save The Top Bell In Leighton Buzzard!

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Over the years The Top Bell in Leighton Buzzard has had a very bad reputation, In 2017 this changed!

Ian and Chris the current landlords of the top bell took over the pub in December 2017, they were told this pub had a bad reputation and they were keen to take on a challenge.

The Top Bell is now a warm and welcoming pub with friendly and happy staff. Over the past 7 months Ian and Chris have both worked extremely hard to not only improve the pub itself but to change the reputation within the local community.

Today, we the customers have found out that Ian and Chris' contracts have been terminated much to our disappointment.

We believe that Ian and Chris have done an outstanding job in the short time that they have been in charge of the pub and will go on to do many more great things to bring in more customers and keep up the clean image that The Top Bell now has.

With karaoke on a Thursday and bingo about to begin on Sundays the top bell has bought in more customers and regulars that ever before. As well as being excellent landlords Ian and Chris have also become good friends with many of us and we do not want to see them go.

Putting the owners aside for a moment; the problem The Top Bell has had over the years is that it has changed hands and landlords on a regular basis with no consistency for policies. Many of the daytime customers are of pensionable age and look for somewhere they feel comfortable with, and landlords they get on with. This is something that Ian and Chris have taken to with pride.

If Ian and Chris leave this will directly impact the local community and have an adverse effect on the brand as well which has become central to Leighton Buzzards nightlife.

We, the undersigned, request that Craft Union change their decision so that we may keep our community clean and safe to drink in and enjoy our evening with landlords we respect and trust.