Save The Top Bell and The Sun pubs in Leighton Buzzard!

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So, it has come to light that on Sunday 29th July 2018 The landlords of both The Top Bell and The Sun had their contracts terminated and were given 2 weeks notice to move out of the premises, however their trading was to stop Immediately as temporary cover had been organised.

These two pubs which are both owned by The Craft Union Pub Company were trading very well, both being kept clean and tidy, having a welcoming and friendly environment and most of all tackling the bigger problems such as drugs and antisocial behaviour. Both pubs in which had previously bad reputations have been turned around. And too top it all off both landlords had high hopes for the future of their premises with no plans to leave. So what reason was there for the termination of employment... I must add no warnings had been given nor diserplinary action at all as there has been no reason to. Both pubs had made positive changes and customers were happy with this.

Darren who was the landlord of The Sun had only days before moved his partner and children into the area and arranged new schools from September for them. He will now have to unsettle the children further by moving them back when they were all looking forward to a fresh start. 

Ian and Chris who were landlords of The Top Bell have already left their premises. They are absolutely heartbroken that the pub in which they saw their future had been taken away from them with no actual reasons explained. They have had to rehome their dog because of this also.

Craft Union claim to support there publicans and support them in running the pubs which are the heart of the local community. So maybe it’s about time the locals had a say!! People cannot be treated this way when there is no reasoning behind it at all. And only a few weeks after a new area manager has started...what is going on? 

Please sign this petition to get Darren and his family back into The Sun and Ian and Chris back into The Top Bell. 

When landlords are actually running a pub well and the customers are happy why evict them?