Convince the Cliffside Park Board of Education to vote against the proposed uniform policy

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 The students of the Cliffside Park High School and Middle School,  want to make sure that the BOE knows our stance on the proposed uniform policy. Many students and parents are against the idea. Please show them we have a voice, our voice must be heard!  Many think that uniforms will drive down the cost that parents need to spend on clothes but parents would now need to buy the uniforms for daily school use and regular clothes for students to go out during the week and on the weekends. Uniforms are also a representation of inner-city  schools and Cliffside Park is definitely not an inner-city. I do agree that some of that clothing that is worn at the high school specifically is not appropriate but we need to enforce the dress code better. Please support this petition. And please only write appropriate comments or the whole petition will be shut down.