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This is the second case that I am aware that occurred in this county, the first one ended in tragedy, WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES want the authorities and justice in this county to KNOW that we are WATCHING.

Letter to
Public Defender for John Bowdish Hugh Taylor,
Governor of Indiana, United States Governor Mike Pence (Governor of Indiana, United States)
Judge in Circuit Courts, Steuben County Judge Allen Wheat (Judge in Circuit Courts, Steuben County)

A union was born between John Bowdish and Carolyn some years ago, it eventually led to marriage. John believed that this marriage was strong and that it would be his one and only, he was sadly mistaken.

The marriage began to suffer the strains, trials and tribulations that most marriages do, life can be hard on marriage, but the commitment should be strong enough to absorb the impact. This is not what happened in this union.

Two beautiful children are born of the marriage, a little boy named Kyle and a little girl named Kaley. When the marriage couldn’t take the strain anymore of everyday life AND mental issues it fell apart, these children are in the wake of this tragedy.

During the marriage one spouse was forced to deal with the mental issues of the other. It is obvious that one spouse was particularly hostile and made the marriage a burden. The following incidents occurred during the marriage, they are a clear demonstration of the hostility and provocation in the marriage that resulted in its end…

December 2001…The wife attempts suicide

January 2003…The wife is charged with Domestic Battery

July 2003…The wife is arrested for Domestic Disorderly Conduct

June 2006…The wife is arrested for Domestic Battery

October 2009…The wife is arrested for Domestic Battery with a Child Present (Class D Felony) the charges were later dropped by the husband

It is unclear to this advocate as to whether all of the above referenced charges were in fact convictions however this advocate believes that they are clear and concise indications that this woman’s mentality should be approached, addressed and counseled.

As the marriage begins to crumble the children have become the typical pawns between two parents. It is fortunate for these young babies that unlike the vast majority this young man is determined to remain a steady devotion in their world.

In May of 2007 there were concerns addressed that Kyle was being molested by members of the maternal family. Both of these persons have been accused and perhaps indicted for molestation of a child. There were interviews conducted between the family members and what this advocate believes is a person of authority. The allegations were not substantiated, but it is believed by this advocate that the interviewer has a close relation to the maternal family. The facts that exist should speak volumes. Also during 2007 Kyle (then five years old) states that he is being spanked and hit by his Mother, there are bruises to substantiate this claim. They are documented.

In November of 2007 the young Mother to these children alerts the authorities that her boyfriend, whom we will call Boyfriend Number One is using Methamphetamines, the reports states that Boyfriend Number One strangled her. It is unknown at this time where the children were during this incident.

In October of 2009 a Domestic Complaint was filed against the Mother of these children, the reports states that the subject was threatening our John Bowdish with a knife, she tried to stab him. She later states to authorities that John Bowdish would not be safe in the residence once she is released. A Protection Order is established.

The Mother to these children violated the Protection Order and as with many young women charmed John Bowdish into reconciliation. A child is conceived during this reconciliation. John Bowdish did in fact dismiss all charges against the Mother of his children as well as the Protection Order. Again he believed in his marriage and he believed like many do that he could fix it. He wanted to raise his children in a stable home; he wanted their futures to be the priority of two loving parents. That was a short lived dream.

The marriage finally dissolved shortly after this final reconciliation, but still a child was born, adding more turbulence to an already turbulent situation. The child Kaley is beautiful but has begun to show signs of neglect and abuse.

On a particular visit in March of 2013 it was noted that the children were filthy with small sores on their bodies. It was learned during that month that the children are often left with unstable family members while the Mother lives her life.

There are various and stored text messages to the Father from the Mother where it is blatantly obvious that she is overwhelmed with the care of the children. One particular text message states that, “I can’t handle YOUR son, I want to throw him in the river, I don’t care about your son, and he is a jerk. I am overwhelmed just caring for them, I can’t handle the kids.”

Also in March of 2013 Kyle is spanked with a pasta spoon and bruises are evident on his buttocks and legs. The authorities were contacted and a report was filed.

In June of 2013 Kaley presents at a family function with a large bruise on her leg, it is obvious to those around this child that day that it is a bite mark. When the Mother of these children is confronted she admits to biting the child, it was punishment she states. This advocate is not certain as to whether it was punishment for the child biting someone but truly believes that a bite with bruising is an inadequate approach to the correct form of discipline when a child bites. We should never break the skin or leave bruises. Again a report was filed but this time by a member of authority, the name is withheld at this time but the complainant is fully prepared and quite capable of presenting his evidence.

The children continue to present to the Father during his court ordered and regular weekly visitation with unexplained bruising and injuries. It appears that the demeanor of the children is changing. It is time for public intervention.

I am asking you to please sign and share this petition, on September 13, 2013 this Father will once again attempt to retain custody of his children. The system continues to support the adage that children should be with their Mother consistently, the Father does not disagree but believes it is essential to their wellbeing that he be the Parent with primary custody in that he can supervise and delegate visitation with the Mother.

The Justice System means well but has become antiquated and is bogged down with policies and procedures that don’t often understand the complexities that encompass any given domestic situation. We understand protocol but we also understand that our system often mistakes what is right for what is proper.

This young man is asking that America take note, that America sees his case, that America ask questions and make observations. This young man is asking you to please help him bring his children home before it is too late, BEFORE THESE CHILDREN BECOME ANOTHER HEADLINE. Please sign this petition, please take notice.

Thank you.



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