Basic Personal Income in Atlantic Provinces

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Poverty is a widespread issue throughout Canada. Child poverty in particular comprises one quarter of Canada’s 4.8 million impoverished citizens (1.2 million children total). Maritime Provinces, in particular, tend to suffer the most, as 1 in 5 children live in low-income households. As of 2015, 1 in 5 of Nova Scotia’s children (38 870 children) were living in poverty. In this same year, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were the 2 provinces that suffered child poverty most deeply (22.2% of minors living in both provinces). Although all areas of Canada suffer from child poverty to some degree, the Atlantic region of Canada’s child poverty rates are important since there are poor prospects for economic improvement in most areas of the provinces. With this in mind, the push towards a basic income system is crucial, as it will ensure that all individuals inhabiting the region have a fair chance at an adequate quality of life; if you are for this cause, please sign this petition.