Justice for Brian Michael Burgess reopen court findings.

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On the 31st of May 2015 Brian Michael Burgess was assaulted in the front yard of his own home by Christopher Malcolm Carkeek.

During the trial it was found that Brian Burgess had a un diagnosed heart condition, this came as a complete surprise to Brian's family as he had been hospitalised for gastric banding and had undergone many stress tests performed by health professionals due to the nature of his work.

Christopher Malcolm Carkeek was found not guilty of manslaughter due to Brian having this heart condition HOWEVER in the coroners report supplied it states that Brian experienced an episode of Cardiac arrhythmia following a a physical altercation, which caused his death.

We are requesting that this coroners findings be reopened and in such the case be reopened as well.

Brians family feel that the findings leave alot of unanswered questions why was this condition not picked up prior to the day of death when Brian had been given a clean bill of health from numerous other health care professionals.

We now request an inquest into the death of Brian Michael Burgess