Representation for grace marks : MA II English, paper III option iii (American Literature)

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Subject Code - 2265
Exam code     - 0235
Paper              -  1127, (Opt. (iii) American Lit. - I (American Fiction from 1800 to the Present), PAPER : III

The paper for M.A. - II English (paper III, option iii) American Literature-I scheduled on 13th December, 2017, was out of syllabus. The syllabus assigned for various units was not followed by the paper-setter which is not in the interest of the students.

The story, "The Open Boat", was prescribed in Unit 1 of the syllabus for paper III (option iii) American Literature-I. However, it came in unit 2, question 3 of this paper so consequently choice was provided between a question on "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" and "The Open Boat" for question 3. This was fallacious as the students who had prepared the other two stories which were "A Rose for Emily" and "Scenes of Passions and Despair" were not able to attempt the paper properly to their satisfaction. Hence, grace marks should be given to the students of American Literature by Panjab University.