To make Razer Inc. accountable for their predatory business practices.

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Michael Conway
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Over the years Razer has knowingly defrauded United States consumers and done so with immunity. It seems as if as long as a corporation pays taxes to US politicians on both sides of the aisle the American consumer is left oicking up the tab. 

This must stop now!

We need to band together and start a class action lawsuit to hold Razer to account and send a clear message to other corporations that engage in these actions to defraud and take money from our pockets and give us nothing in return but headaches and empty wallets.

My issue is with the Razer Phone and the fact that this company created a Razer Phone 2 without fixing the issues with the previous $700.00 faulty device. These people should not b allowed to do business this way and we need to stop them.

I am also encouraging others that have similar stories and issues with their over priced Laptops, Keyboards, Mice and other over priced under developed under supported knowingly faulty devices.

If we stand together we can send a clear and serious messages to their wallets, let them feel what it's like to pay for something and receive nothing in return but headaches and hardships!!!!