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The Consumer Overdraft Protection Fair Practices Act Needs Your Support

Time to stop bailing out the banks - do something to bail out the people.  Write your representative today to support Rep. Carolyn Maloney's bill which will clean up this predatory lending practice that fleeces consumers of billions every year.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
Dear Representative,

It is no secret that bank fees are making a difficult situation worse.  Numerous reports by groups such as Consumers Union, The Center for Responsible Lending and even the Government Accountability Office show that these fees are predatory, that the banks in many cases are not complying with existing law in administering their overdraft "protection" programs, and that these fees cost consumers billions of dollars annually.

Now, in the middle of a recession, having spent billions of dollars to bail out the banks, isn't it time to do something to help consumers?

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