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Theresa May to resign she is now the The real Coalition of Chaos

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She complained and scaremongered people that without the tories it will be a "Coalition of chairs" who has now created this Chaos of Coalition?She has and it's not acceptable.

Yesterday the country went out to vote for a new government when Theresa May called a snap election.

she was hoping that she will have a higher majority than she had at the time and will be the powerhouse of the UK.

shes lied to us on social care, she is responsible for the cuts to the police force, the NHS is on its knees.

she made U turns and has been in denial despite knowing how wrong she is.

Jeremy Corbyn made a gain of 30 seats and it just goes to show how much a difference he has made to the party. Labour costed their manifesto where Theresa May U turned on her Social Care policy. Now she wants to get into bed with the DUP to increase her minority.

For those of you that don't know what the DUP stand for check this out

Please sign and let's get people out there to make our point that we don't want her running the country. She didn't get the 326 seats for a majority win.

I would love to see another general election so please sign this and work together as I don't think another 5 years of austerity and cuts and threats of losing more Nurses and Doctors. 

Remeber it was Theresa May and her government that made the cuts to the Police and are responsible for the position we are in now

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