Impeachment of Governor Ned Lamont

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We, the Citizens of Connecticut, declare:

His Excellency, Governor "Ned" Edward Miner Lamont Jr., via Executive Orders, has infringed the Liberty of the free people of Connecticut through numerous & egregious actions:

He has taken away our Rights of Assembly and to the Free Exercise of Religion, He forces us into compliance with His decrees and forced free, healthy citizens to live under quarantine in our own homes and under curfews without due process, He closed our private business and declared our jobs non-essential, ruining the livelihood of thousands and denying the assertion that all businesses and jobs which provide for families are essential, His decrees have closed down our Public Courts and City Halls, He has forced us to wear a mask and maintain social distance in public, at our jobs, and in our children's schools, He has proposed domestic spying on our free citizens, through the use of GPS tracking, Bluetooth beacons and Digital Contract Tracing programs, and further, His Excellency has only offered us a return of any the Liberties infringed if our citizens accept digital monitoring and widespread vaccination as a condition to the rescinding of His decrees.

The Governor has been recorded violating his own Executive Orders numerous times. For these infringements of our Liberty, the Citizens of the State of Connecticut call upon the elected State Legislative Representatives of the Free People of Connecticut to:

Hereby call for the enactment of the provision set forth in Article Ninth of the Connecticut State Constitution, which sets out the authority and framework for impeaching the governor and all other executive and judicial officers. Section 1 gives the General Assembly's House of Representatives the “sole power of impeaching.” 

We call for our Representatives to enact this impeachment process immediately.

We call for the General Assembly to pass such measures, and enact Section 2 of the Article, which requires the Senate to try all impeachments. The law recognizes the Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court whom shall be called to preside over the trial of the impeached governor and a two-thirds vote is required to convict. 

We urge you to convict.

Ultimately, we call for the Article IV clause of succession in the event and expectation Governor Lamont is impeached and to be removed from office.


We the People of the State of Connecticut