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The Congress of the United States: We the people feel you are ABSOLUTELY unconnected with the Citizens of the UNITED STATES

We the people do not believe that you have been doing your job.  

We the people do not feel you deserve to vote on your own pay raise.

We the people are not satisfied by your level of commitment to the jobs you were elected to.  

We the people think it is bad enough that you get special treatment, special insurance, unlimited terms with unlimited pay potential when the bulk of the United States Citzens are lossing jobs, losing homes, losing their retirements, or haven't received a raise in YEARS. 

We the people KNOW you are UNCONNECTED from the populous.  

We the people KNOW you do not care for what is best for the people of the United States of America.  

We the people know this by the laws you have passed, the racheted up military-police state you have replaced our god given rights with.

We the people are tired of the endless wars, the increase in taxes, the bankrupting of OUR nation.. this nation is not YOURS to do what you want with.. it is OUR nation!

We the people do not believe you (each of you) are worthy of, or have actually worked for the current pay you receive.. let alone a pay INCREASE from the previous year.

We the people are signing this petition to let you know we do not agree to a pay increase for the "work" you have done or are doing.  The United States is in SERIOUS trouble and all you care about is yourself.

You do not deserve it.

Here is a bill that has been introduced to block pay raise for congress for 2012.  They NEED to hear our voices about this.. and our support for this cause!

.. CAUSE I don't remember the last time I got a raise!  How about you?!


Let them hear your voice!  


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    The current standing United States Congress 2012

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