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Pass the 28th Amendment - Term Limits on Senators and Representatives

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Today's politician is worried only about one thing: himself (I shall use masculine pronouns as that is the traditional way of referring to an indefinite person and it's just easier to do so.) He wants to do almost anything in his power to get relelcted. The best way to do that is for him to fit as much pork and as many earmarks into a bill as he can that get governmental work projects sent to his home district. These projects are usually a complete waste of our government's time and money, which translates into a loss for taxpayers. To solve this, the Constitution needs an amendment that says that terms of Representatives and Senators must have limits.

Doing this will:

1) decrease the budget deficit exponentially because new politians will be more focused on doing what needs to be done rather than what's best for the next reflection campaign.

2) cut corruption down dramticallly. With new politicians coming into office often, it will become extrodinarily difficult for group to buy a politician because they will have to hope to be able to corrupt many more politicians than before.

3) Congress will get more done. Die hards will be removed from office who had previously prevented progress. With them gone the people who want to see progress occur will then be in office and those people will be the ones enact them into law.

Essentially, if you are against corruption, governmental waste, or Congress getting us further and father in debt then sign this petition!

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