Make UTCS labs cleaner by providing disinfecting wipes

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With more than 2000 people enrolled in the Computer Science department, the 3rd floor and the basement labs in the GDC building are home to hundreds of students every day.

As a result of having many students using the labs, the keyboards, the mouses, and the tables quickly accumulate lots of germs and dirt over time. This unhealthy situation has been concerning to me since I first came to UT Austin, but sadly I haven't seen any changes over the past 2 years. 

Things can be tremendously improved if there were just disinfectant wipes being provided in the labs. In such case, the students can just clean the keyboards and the mouses any time they feel like to. I've visited universities where they have lab assistants cleaning up the workstations with brushes & disinfectant sprays periodically and it did feel so much better when everything's clean.

Since wipes and sprays are relatively cheap, I hope it wouldn't be an issue for our department to provide such things to their students. I'm sure many students will benefit from this small act and be thankful for a cleaner & safer study environment.

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