Stop Steelzo #StopMrSteelYoGraphics

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Steelzo (aka Mr. SteelYoGraphics) is causing rampage in the 'Xx_MC GFX COMMUNITY_xX'.

He is recklessly replicating (Like the alliteration?) artwork from the likes of Vaneslair, Avrged and more whom have asked me to refrain from using their names... Let's group them and call them 'Tim'. So Tim, Avrged and Vane are all extremely talented designer who take pride in their work and enjoy making shit tons of money out of children using their parents' debits. These designers spend hours on end perfecting their work and Mr. SYO (SteelYoGraphics) comes along with his tracing paper and copies the designs pixel for pixel. As you can see here, Mr. SYO blatantly copies Vane's art: Go to 31 seconds and put it to 0.25 speed (Thank @Aplicity for providing the evidence). You can also see here a thumbnail that Mr. SYO made earlier that is a copy of one made by Avrged:

I think this evidence should suffice for now but if you'd like more then feel free to tweet me @vZytex.

By just signing this petition maybe we can bring an end to this havoc,

- Zytex 


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