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Saving Britannia Secondary School

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The Vancouver School Board wants to shut down a good amount of Vancouver schools-all but one being in East Vancouver. Britannia Community Secondary School is one of the schools at stake. Britannia Secondary is one of the oldest, (if not the oldest) schools in British Columbia. It has a wide variety of programs and clubs that function out of this school and its community center. If Britannia were to shut down, it would not only be a problem for students and faculty, but also for the community itself. Programs such as: StreetFront, Outreach, 8J9J, Hockey Academy, and even a club dedicated to Mental Health Awareness, exist BECAUSE of Britannia. If the VSB closes our school, they are also closing opportunities to hundreds of kids who desperately need them. Britannia has a history that not many other schools can compare to. We need to keep that history alive. East Vancouver kids should NOT have to be shuffled, scrambled, moved, and cramped while private schools get over 300 million of funding from British Columbia a year. Does our education not matter due to the area we reside in? Do Britannia students not deserve the same chance as students who get private education? Why is East Vancouver education being jeopardized? No student or staff member should have to worry about a school that they've gotten so accustomed to being taken from them in less than a year. No one deserves to lose their sense of security between the walls of where their education takes place. If no one else is going to say or do something, we will. It isn't fair. We need a change. It isn't a want or a desire. It's a NEED. If we're going to get shut down, it won't be an easy task. We are all Bruins. Once a Bruin, always a Bruin.

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