I want to ban plastic bags all over the northern beaches and Mosman.

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If we ban plastic bags throughout the northern beaches and Mosman, then that will be contributing a lot to pollution in the ocean and will save the coral reefs and the sea life. I also want to help save the Great Barrier Reef. 

Climate change is a big risk in our world. Pollution in the ocean and on land is one of the biggest problems that is contributing to climate change. 

100,000 marine creatures die each year due to plastic entanglement. There are believed to be 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square kilometre of ocean. We are contributing to the majority of this litter in the ocean. Sea animals and sea birds consume this deadly plastic and it takes years and years to break down inside of them. For example, Marine turtles love jellyfish, and they mistake rubbish like plastic bags for a jelly fish, and sadly consume it, which leads to fatal consequences. 

Plastic waste is one of many types of wastes that take too long to decompose. Normally, plastic items can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills. But plastic bags we use in our everyday life take 10-1000 years to break down, while plastic bottles can take 450 years or more.

We can make a difference! Help ban plastic bags all over the northern beaches and Mosman. Banning plastic bags everywhere isn't going to solve the whole problem, but it's a good place to start! 

When plastic bags are banned, there are alternatives to what we can put our groceries in. When they are banned, shops can SELL eco friendly fabric bags that you can BUY, to convince them to bring their OWN reusable fabric bags to the supermarkets. 

Or supermarkets can put in a recycling bin for the plastic bags, so that the supermarkets can just reuse them instead of producing more.