Open letter to Mayor and Council of Richibucto

Open letter to Mayor and Council of Richibucto

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Angel Hudson started this petition to The community of Richibucto

November 05, 2020

The Town of Richibucto
1-9235 Main Street
Richibucto, NB E4W 4B4

Attn: Roger Doiron – Mayor
Dennis Mazerolle – Deputy Mayor
Gérard Richard – Councillor
Stella Richard – Councillor
Dwayne Thompson - Councillor

I am writing to you today to inform you of some very valid concerns of the members of our community regarding the safety and wellbeing of our most vulnerable population, our children.

Our community is home to a proven and convicted sexual predator. Attached you will find three files detailing the abuse this man has inflicted on three different children, two of which were his own daughters. Three different children, three similar stories of suffering at the hands of a man who, to this day, lives virtually consequence-free, able to seek new victims and perpetrate new crimes.

There are other reasons for this man to be considered a questionable character in our community, and, most likely, other victims that do not have documentation to back up their experiences of abuse and trauma. My fear is that without some form of registry, some way for existing community members, and new families moving to the area, to be aware of the offenders in their area, then the abuse will continue unchecked. There can be no protection against dangers we do not know exist.

I also feel as though the RCMP have failed the community by not pressing more serious charges on this man, no matter how many times they find themselves in a position to do so.

It is not only concerning that we have one known offender, but that there is no way of knowing who else may be an offender, hiding behind the law and a neighbourly guise.

Currently, Sex Offence Registries are only accessible to member of the RCMP to help them identify possible suspects in an area where a sexual assault has already taken place. I believe this is working backwards from the major issue – in that, we could start to prevent a large percentage of these assaults before they occur. Further to that, not all offenders on the National Sex Offender Registry are there for life. Depending on the type of conviction, some offenders could be off the registry within 10 years. Our town needs to take steps to protect its own.

I invite you to start a respectful conversation with me, or amongst yourselves, in regard to this issue.

Please also find attached a list of several signatures of concerned members of our community.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
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