Bring Back The Old Dust 2

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De_dust 2. One of the most iconic maps in all of videogame history. A map so perfect, that it has made its way throughout all of the Counter Strike games since the early mod, unmodified and unchanged. Today, 10/19/2017 Valve made a risky and ballsy move: they remade Dust 2. Now, this risky move separated the CS:GO community in two sides, as it was not accepted by everyone. We the people of the #BringBackOldDust come in peace. We do not want to start a war against Valve, wanting them to completely remove the map, destroying their work. Instead, we are looking for a truce: giving the best of both worlds, so every single player out there may get what they really want from this masterpiece of a game.

Now, I know that there are many people who enjoy the new de_dust2, as its graphics are now definitely more appealing. Graphic-wise, I really like what Valve did, however gameplay-wise it doesn't feel like the old, original de_dust2. In my opinion, it has now become more forgiving towards newer and more inexperienced players, making map knowledge and movement/peeking skills not as relevant as they were before. Another big change was that many of the small objects and walls were moved/taken away. At first, this might not seem like a big change, however this completely ruined many of the old wallbangs and smoke throws a player could do. What I would like to propose to Valve through this petition is one of two things:

Either keep in the game the new Dust 2 and bring back the old one, making both of them available to choose from in all game modes, so everyone can choose the version they prefer.

Or, bring back the original Dust 2's layout (exactly how it was, including all of the object placement and wall shapes) and instead change the textures, sounds and playermodels to the ones from the revamped version. 

Once we reach at least 50,000 signatures, we might actually get noticed by Valve, and they will hopefully consider one of those two options, equally offering the best of both worlds for everyone. 

De_dust2 is amazing in any game mode, de_dust2 is amazing whether you win or lose, de_dust2 is amazing whether its with friends or strangers, pros or noobs. De_dust2 is simply perfect. Why change it now? Why change it at all? Dust 2 has stayed exactly the same for more than 14 years now, and its up to you to make sure it stays like that.


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