To reconsider the closure of Tuccsro’s Pool Hall LTD

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Re: Tuccaro’s Pool Hall Closure


Due to a recent decision to close Tuccaro’s Pool Hall, we the undersigned community members of Fort Chipewyan call on Cree Chip Development Board to reconsider your position in this matter. The following notice and petition outlines our position on this matter and concerns pertaining to numerous issues as community members of Fort Chipewyan.


Concerning the Pool Hall; as not only youth of the community of Fort Chipewyan but also the community members as a whole, we feel that other options exist, especially since Tuccaro’s Pool Hall has become a staple for the community members over the years. The Pool Hall has become a safe place to socialize that is inclusive and accessible every day of the week. Having a regular accessible activity for all the community members in Fort Chipewyan is already restricted and the closure of the Pool Hall further constrains the already limited options we have.


Since the Pool Hall has opened, it has made a clear and dedicated commitment to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for all. Over its years of operation many children as well as adults would simply be lost and/or at increased risk for engaging in unhealthy or criminal activities if not because of this alternative social venue.


Concerning our voice; Having to learn of the closure of the Pool Hall without a follow up announcement of how this venue for youth was to be supplemented moving forward was upsetting to all community members including the adults and elders. It left us feeling ignored and our voices undervalued. We have the existing Lake Athabasca Youth Council as one option for interface with youth in our community when matters such as these arise but have nowhere else for adults to socialize with one another other than Athabasca Cafe. Moving forward we call on community leadership to engage when decisions that impact the whole community are made.


Further to this, given tragic events that have occurred in our small community, we the undersigned believe that ensuring the community members have maximum support is fundamental to helping us stay connected with one another and ensuring further isolation does not occur. This ought to be the main priority for leaders in this community. Every life matters.


We, the undersigned, ask for support of Mikisew Cree First Nation, Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Mets Local 125 and Cree Chip Development Board to keep Tuccaro’s Pool Hall open, Keep is connected and further examine how an official forum of our voices can be established and existing structures improved to ensure the community members are not at any disadvantage. Given the present circumstances, our voices were not given a proper and fair platform to be heard from. We ask for change. We ask for empowerment. Please help us in maintaining venues of activity that create positive and safe environments for us to thrive in for a stronger community such as the existing Pool Hall. 




Communtiy Members of Fort Chipewyan