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Petition to Revise Striping on McDill Ave. (County HH) Between School Street and Olympia Ave

This proposal is made in accordance with the adoption of the Portage County Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan which was adopted by the Portage County Planning and Zoning Committee on March 25, 2014


  1. Vehicles regularly exceed the posted speed limit of 25 mph on this segment of McDill Ave which travels through this residential community.  Speed offenders often exceed the limit by 10-20 mph.  This creates a dangerous condition for the residents, children crossing at the school crossing and those who use the Green Circle trail. 
  2. Noise and vibrations felt by those who live in the vicinity of McDill Ave are disruptive to use of private property and general enjoyment of living in the area.  Since this is a truck route, the heavy vehicles create noise and vibrations when they travel down the road.  Excessive speed contributes to louder noise and stronger vibrations.
  3. Currently a bike lane is present to the east of Olympia Ave and terminates into the roadway.  Installing the bikes lanes would provide a complete and safe route of travel for cyclists between Hoover (and the Hoover Bike Path) to Post Road where sidewalks are available for use by cyclists to access other bike routes.

Proposed Revision of Traffic Flow

We understand that McDill Ave is set to be re-surfaced in May-June of 2016 and the following revisions are requested to be effected as part of this partition.  The lane reduction has been recommended by the Bike-Ped plan and traffic volumes were confirmed to support this lane reduction in the Study.

  1. Revise lane striping from two lanes of traffic in each direction to a single lane of traffic with a center turn lane and bike lanes on the north and south sides of the road.
  2. Increase visibility of school and bike crossings using diagonal striping and signage.
  3. Install permanent speed monitoring signs.

Benefits to the Community

  1. Reducing the number of lanes from four to two or three reduces pedestrian accidents according to the FHA (Federal Highway Administration).
  2. The proposed revision to the striping will increase the safety of cyclists on the roadway.
  3. The traffic on the Roadway is likely to have an overall reduction in average speed based on FHA findings (4-5mph).
  4. Reduction in overall traffic noise. This is the result of overall reduced speeds and reduction in total number of vehicles passing through the area simultaneously.  Two lanes of traffic only permit half as many vehicles to be present as currently are. 
  5. Reduction in road vibrations.  

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