Help to make government to see and offer detox/rehabs for Mums with young ones under 5

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There are no rehabs or detox centres for mums with young children available in Queensland there are to many kids in the system already kids being removed by child Saftey when there is another way for mums who want help but you seek help to get clean but you are hated for your status mother on drugs how disgraceful but that's not entirely true some mums dont want to keep living the same lifestyle they may want to get help but people are to scared to ask because they are scared of losing there babies to child welfare so they suffer in silence when I my self came to relapse and want to get clean n go to rehab in which I am booked into Moonya detox early next week as I found that there is no rehabs for mothers and there children im going to this one regardless but  I think it's unfair and unathordox that there is nothing out there in qld there was a place in toowombar called fresh hope but its been closed down and the government refuses to fund them I myself think this is outraged because  some mums may not have another place suitable to put there baby's with someone else while they go get there shit together although the mother has made the wrong choices and they may be ashamed for poor choices and how drug addiction affects everyone in your life badly it can destroy life’s its also not fair for the young children to suffer being away from the parent for so long. I think they need to open up more support for this and provide a couple of detox11days rehabs 4months only as that gives more chances for other mothers to get in as there’s always limited beds in rehabs so a shorter time frame that works means more people can go through treatment in qld to help mums who want to help them selfs instead of just putting more children into the care of the state secure attachment is very important please help me to make this happen make the government see that not all drug addicts want to be addicted any more and they don't want to lose there babies either they really just need a little help I’m not asking for donations just sign my pertition and stand with me for women who may need support I guarantee there will be many to step up and make a change for them selfs and for there family’s n loved ones