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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Parole Board...Please DO NOT grant ATTEMPTED MURDERER Norfolk County Inmate Roger Steward W87965 PAROLE

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It is very important to me that Norfolk County Inmate Roger Steward does not get granted the opportunity for parole, as he is a danger to society, and I fear for my life, and that of my family, if he were to be released. On October 8th 2005, Roger Steward brutally tried to end my life by stabbing me 6 times with a TEN INCH KITCHEN KNIFE. Roger managed to stab me in my heart and the upper part of my right lung, twice in my liver, and twice more, that entered into my torso. Roger's mother walked into the room after hearing the commotion, and believing Roger was on top of me punching me, she yelled to her husband for help. When his stepdad pulled Roger off me, Karen discovered the whole time I was being stabbed. When he was pulled off me, he turned his anger to his stepdad and started stabbing him also. Roger has No regard for human life, and will kill ANYONE, whether his girlfriend, daughter, stepdad, or innocent bystander who gets in his way. This whole horrific incident was all because it was past Heavenly's bedtime, and I wanted to put her to bed, and he did not want me to. He is not mentally stable. I came very close to death that night, and it was by the mere grace of God that I survived such a horrific tragedy. However, with Roger's parole nearing, I am once again in fear of my life. Roger and I had a relationship for 6 years. I was only 15 when I met him, and he was very close to turning 21. During those 6 years, I endured daily, his controlling and psychotic ways. This includes him hitting and beating me with his fists or objects within the house, burning my body, choking me, cutting up my clothes, and breaking Heavenly's toys as punishments. If Roger found a crumb on the ground from our daughter Heavenly, he would open a box of cereal and throw it all over the house and order me to pick it up. When I was done, he would inspect it, and if he found one piece still on the ground, he would beat me. Another punishment he had was if I didn't put the remote to the TV exactly where he wanted it, I had to stand with my hands behind my back and let him punch me as hard as he could in my stomach; if I flinched, even a tiny bit, he would continue to punch me until I could endure the pain without doing so. These are just Some of the Many punishments Roger put me through. Some days he would choke or punch me for no reason at all, and it hurts my heart to say that our Daughter Heavenly witnessed most of the abuse. After hurting me, Roger would go into the bedroom and read the BIBLE for hours. If me or Heavenly disturbed him, he would come punish me. Everyday I lived in fear of him. Roger stated to me numerous times that if I were to ever take our Daughter away from him that he would kill her to make me suffer. Roger has served almost 8 years now, and I am now the mother of a 15 month old son. I know that me having another child will anger Roger, and that when he is released from jail, he may harm my little boy to get revenged on me. One time, I got the nerve to pack me and Heavenly's belongings and leave while he was at work. I was lucky to find someone Roger did not know who would take us in. We were there for almost 2 months before Roger found me. He told me that I was "lucky he found me when he did, because him and his friend were in the process of getting a gun to kill my best friend," (one of the closest people to me at the time.) I fear this will be his plan Again. Hurt me or those I love. If he was willing to promise to murder HIS OWN CHILD, and he has ALREADY stabbed 2 women and seriously hurt many others, how can we NOT take his threats seriously? Once I was released from the hospital after the stabbing, I went to court to get permanent restraining orders for both myself and our Daughter on him. When I was at the stand confirming with the judge that I wanted to proceed with getting the restraining orders (and as Roger's mother and sister were sitting behind me pleading that I don't take away his right to see his daughter,) Roger gave me a look I will Never forget. A look of - "You will pay for this." Roger has a very lengthy criminal record, all of which are charges of him being abusive to other women. He broke the jaw of a past girlfriend, and went after another girl with a knife and gave her a pretty good slice down her arm. Roger is a very very evil person, who has no remorse for the things he does. If he gets paroled I have no doubt in my mind that he will either find me, one of my children, or my family members and will serverely hurt or murdered one of us. For the attempted murder charge against me, Roger only got a sentence of 8 to 15 years. Can we really say that 8 years is long enough time to keep a man like this in jail? It WAS his GOAL that night to KILL ME, and to leave his daughter without a mother. If Roger's stepfather had taken 5 more seconds to get into the room, the charge against him would be First Degree Murder. I know that one day he will eventually get out of prison, but my goal is to keep him in prison for at least his whole 15 year sentence, so that my family and I may live in peace a little while longer. Sometimes I look at the stabbing as a blessing, because it allowed me and my daughter to finally be free from our abuser, but now he is up for parole. I am PLEADING to you that you will TRUST my words, that Roger WILL hurt someone else. He is good at fooling people, and I pray that you will NOT believe what he tells you. He has nothing positive to contribute to society, and will only put the people that Do in fear for their life and in harms way. I am asking you for the saftey of my family that you do NOT grant inmate Roger Steward parole, and keep him where he belongs. Thank you for your help.

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