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Demand The Commission on Presidential Debates schedule a debate on deescalating the path toward Nuclear War, including third party candidates.

World War 3 has begun. Currently being fought in the Middle East. Combative US and Russia forces are engaged specifically in Syria, with catastrophic no fly zone threats on both sides. Nuclear War will be imminent if there is a continuation of current actions. Russia, U.S., and China are all on nuclear high alert, as of October.
High-alert nuclear weapons commonly refers to a launch-ready ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads whose launch can be ordered and executed within 15 minutes or less.
High-alert nuclear weapons possessed by the U.S. and Russia use command AUTOMATED control systems in conjunction with their early warning radar and/or satellites to facilitate the rapid launch of their land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and some submarine launched ballistic missiles. Fear of a “disarming” nuclear first-strike that would destroy their command and control systems and nuclear forces led both nations to develop “launch-on-warning” capability, which requires high-alert nuclear weapons able to launch on a 30-minute (or less) tactical warning, the flight time of ICBMS traveling between the U.S. and Russia.
The U.S. and Russia currently have a total of 900 missiles and 2581 strategic nuclear warheads on high-alert, launch-ready status. The total explosive power of these weapons is about 1185Mt.
False alarms have happened in the past, reinforcing a need for good relations with Russia.
Nuclear War is not a win, even for the “winners.” Losers will engage their bombs seconds after the “winner” does, and there will be a nuclear winter humanity and all life forms will struggle to survive.
A simplification of the Russian, American and Chinese nations has encouraged this escalation. Every nation is both guilty of heinous acts and innocent of accusations of heinous acts. The Russian and Chinese countries are sovereign nations that protect their own. Americans are not innocent, we have imprisoned millions of our citizens, we have let our citizens die instead of giving them health care, our police shoot innocent citizens, and we have invaded sovereign nations. So before we judge others, we should make sure we take care of our own. Attacking and unproven rhetoric accusing Russians of email hacks, or other inciteful conversation is also not smart governing.
Nuclear War may be imminent or it may be years from now. The reality that cannot be denied is we are on a course that at some point will cause the annihilation of the planet from weapons of destruction man created. That course can only be changed if we elect a candidate for president with an actual plan for peace. The only candidate with a plan is Jill Stein
The other candidates can debate Dr. Stein if they have a plan not communicated or debated. Clinton has already proven she will be on a course for destruction. Johnson and Trump have not had opportunity to prove what they will do from previous actions, although neither has a plan for peace that will eliminate our escalating path toward nuclear war, and Trumps campaign rhetoric has shown no interest in peace, much the opposite. If either Trump or Johnson are open to debates to defend their stance it is imperative the people know this before November 8, 2016.

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