Allow Jo Jorgensen to debate in the October 15 election

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Jo Jorgensen is the libertarian candidate for the 2020 election. On the ballot in all 50 states, she deserves to be able to debate on stage alongside the duopoly. With Trump's recent diagnosis of COVID-19 and likely inability to debate on October 15, Jo Jorgensen should take his place and be able to have a platform to speak on. The duopoly (two-party system, Democrats and Republicans) is the entire reason the candidates are able to get away with so much and still know that they'll get your vote. They don't want you to know that you have more choices. The duopoly goes as far as to actively keep third parties out of the election, such as the Green Party being kicked off of the ballot by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for not following a procedure that Democrats and Republicans ARE NOT REQUIRED to follow. Show the duopoly that you are not a sheep. Let Jo Jorgensen debate. #LetHerSpeak

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