Create Penalties For False Domestic Violence Accusers

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If you were to walk up to a Police Officer and knowingly report a false crime, you would more than likely face harsh consequences and be penalized to the full extent of the Law. Strangely, the same scenario does not apply to false Domestic Violence Allegations. And because of the way the system handles these cases, false claims are often misused as leverage in divorce cases for Child Custody or Property Ownership. These false accusations also overtime tend to belittle how serious a case is handled when the Victim truly is endangered, thereby making it more and more difficult to ensure that they are protected. 

Currently the U.S. Legal System has no such penalty in place for those who file or report False Claims of Domestic Abuse. If we did place an even semi-harsh set of penalties on these cases, people would not abuse the system as often, and we would be more able to focus our energy and resources on cases that are real threats to real victims. 

By signing this petition, you are not only punishing those who abuse the system and actually tell lies out of malicious intent, but you are also increasing the chances of true Domestic Violence Victims to be better protected in the long run. We as a Society need to start taking these type of cases more seriously on both sides of the spectrum. All to often we see innocent people being thrown behind bars, and abusers free to walk. This type of backwards behavior must stop!