Changes to be made in the legal system and its procedures

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I believe that the procedures and laws need to change .

Time and time again we are seeing on the news that another woman , man  or child has died or been injured  from domestic violence and i know that im not the only person that thinks this should stop !

But unfortunately everyone keeps saying things need to change but still nothing has changed. How many more times is someone going to have to suffer before they do something .So ill explain my story ..

This is some of what the police told me -even when phone calls of abuse and threats have been made they cannot take an action other then to go and speak to the person .Text Messages of hate ,threats and other harassing nature they still cannot do anything .

 All they had to say was we will talk to the person and if they then come to your house we may be able to do something.I replied with so basically something needs to happen before you do anything about it and they said unfortunately yes !

This is not acceptable the laws in place that the police have to follow are beyond a joke , it should not be left till its to late before they can do something .

Here are some facts

At least 170 Australian women, men and children lost their lives to violence in 2017.

A further 41 deaths are being investigated, so the toll could be as high as 210 killings.

Femicide Australia Project research shows 108 adult men were killed as were 48 adult women and 17 children and young people.

How many lives are we going to loose before things change because i believe there's to many already , so instead of getting on the news and saying how sorry you are and that things need to change DO SOMETHING !!!