Implement a bicycle safety assembly, including the negative effects of non safe cycling

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For months now I have read on the Facebook group Commack Moms, that random groups of teenage boys on bicycles are causing major traffic and safety concerns on our local roads. This includes such unsafe and illegal behaviors as blocking lanes of traffic, crossing directly in front of cars, profane and vulgar use of language, and spitting at cars/drivers just to name a few.

These "kids being kids" as referred to by the parents of these children who reply to these posts reply to these, because they are outside riding bicycles and not inside on electronic devices, Continue to make excuses as their kids continue to put the lives of our neighbors in danger, including families, and new teenage drivers.  Many people have mentioned taking pictures of the kids and posting the on social media,only to be slammed by said parents "kids are being kids" and embarrassing the is not the way to handle it.

The cops have been notified, parents have been notified and still nothing.

Why should I as a driver who is driving carefully  with my two children in the backseat of my car have to worry that a bike rider is going to play chicken and dart across the street as I'm safely driving down the road ?  Why should my friend who has a brand new driver have to worry beyond what parents of new drivers worry about to begin with?  We should not have to worry about a bicycle rider who is refusing to follow the rules of the road and obeying the law.

Over the years, we have lost graduates of Commack HS way too young,  Why chance loosing another because teenagers simply don't think about the consequences of their foolish actions?

Thatis the reason for this petition

The community would like some type of bicycle safety assembly, including the negative effects and consequences when you choose not to follow the rules of the road.  Some of those things could include,traumatic brain injury, death, etc.

Why do we as a community have to wait till somebody gets killed or suffers from post traumatic stress disorder because their reflexes were just not fast enough to stop in time?

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