People who SUPPORT Coach Moschella please support him and our Lady Clippers BB Team.

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   As a  parent of two girls that have played for Ron Moschella they both say they would never play for anyone else.  Does this sound as if my girls are verbally or physically abused?  I think not.   Mosch is hard on his girls. He expects them to be the best that they can be at all times but; he also loves each and everyone of them and genuinely cares about them and their families.  He is that type of person, that type of coach.   He celebrates them as individuals and as players.  He celebrates their accomplishments both on and off the court.  Can you ask yourselves if you know a coach that does that?    Believe me when I say that neither one of my children have not been the subject of Mosch’s yelling, but I do have to say that it was because they did not execute something that they have went over or they were not playing to the best of their abilities.  That is the key.  He demands and expects the best for of his players on and off the court.   I know these are trying times for all of you and the only thing that you are interested in is the welfare of the students/players of Columbiana.   As a parent I feel that this whole situation is ridiculous and a complete and total waste of time.  The thing is that people are listening to individual’s that are leaving the program.  Do not let them speak for the rest of us.  Let us be able to tell our own stories.  The thing is that people are going to challenge you in life.  The ones that truly care about you will make you work even harder to be the best.  They are the ones that won’t let you fail.  Those are the ones that combine tough love and love for you.  Those are the ones that will place demands on you, so that you know what it takes to overcome adversity. Those are the ones that will be there to celebrate their success.  Those are the ones that truly care about you, because they believe in you and believes that you can become even greater than you already are, THAT IS COACH RON MOCHELLA.     Let's show our support for Coach Mosch and sign this petition to let the school board know that he is supported by Columbiana.  #imwMoschella