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The Colony Animal Shelter - Facilities Update

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We, the undersigned citizens of The City of The Colony (Texas), request that the City of The Colony governing body allocate funds to build a new animal shelter that better serves the growing demands of our expanding city.

The antiquated, 35-year-old building that currently houses The Colony Animal Shelter has some significant issues including:

1.    Insufficient space for the intake numbers the shelter faces daily for a growing city.  Currently they can house 15 dogs and 12 cats depending on size.

2.    The current indoor dog kennels are outdated and small leaving little room for the animals to move around and lack proper ventilation and windows for sunlight.

3.    The outdoor dog runs/kennels lack space during the day for each animal to get the required needed dose of fresh air and exercise needed maintain optimum health benefits.  

4.    There are two current cat areas: The first has no windows and very small kennels and the second area known as the cat room lacks space for the number of cats it houses daily and lacks natural sunlight.

5.    Inadequate space and storage.  More office space is needed for intakes and adoptions to take place and storage is necessary to house the food, equipment and cleaning supplies.

6.    There is no current “meet and greet space” to encourage and promote adoptions.

7.    Medical Room on the back side of the building is a dark small room with outdated equipment, no windows and lacks kennel space.

8.    No grooming or personal care space for the staff to wash and groom pets.

9.    Contains one walkway in and out of the building for the public and staff making it difficult to move and transfer animals around during the shelters open hours.

10.   The current location of the animal shelter is not located in a very visible location and thus makes it difficult for the public and animal rescue groups to locate.

A new shelter will:

Better serve the growing demands for providing shelter and care to the lost or abandoned, abused and neglected animals in The Colony

Include a state-of-the-art air exchange system, the use of lots of natural light and larger kennels and cages.

Improve the outdoor living conditions of the animals by providing proper space for each pet to get their daily required exercise which is recommend by The American Veterinary Medical Association.  The AVAA has stated that regularly exercising pets allow for a wide range of health benefits including helping hip joints, reducing digestive problems, healthy weight balance and decreases the likelihood of developing other health problems.  Pets that are not given outlets for energy may develop destructive habits including destruction of property, anxiety leading to aggression. 

Improve conditions for the workers which will improve performance of the staff and will encourage more residents to become a volunteer and support the shelter staff.

Save the county money by adopting out more healthy animals and decrease the time animals are in the shelter while waiting for their future homes.

Attract more residents from inside and outside the city to the facility resulting in more adoptions. It will keep residents from seeking out newer, more attractive animal shelters in other jurisdictions.

Will allow space for future “shot clinics” and spay and neuter programs.

Assist in caring for animals involved in cruelty cases

Expand partnerships with non-profit organizations and citizen groups to increase pet adoptions.

Did you know?

Surrounding cities of similar size and populations have already taken steps to become more animal friendly and investing in the city animal services departments. 

In Little Elm: In July of 2015, the operations of the animal shelter were restructured to fall under Community Integrity, which provides a customer driven approach to animal services, maintains a clean and inviting animal shelter, believes in professional and ethical performance of its duties, and providing a safe and healthy environment for all animal in their care.  In 2013, The City of Little Elm built a 4,000 square-foot animal shelter that includes 24 indoor dog kennels, 10 with outdoor runs, a cat room, wash room, quarantine room, adoption / viewing room, front office check-in room along with two offices and various support service areas.  Also included is 12 outdoor dog runs and a sally port for the off-loading of animals and food supplies.

In Murphy: In 2014 the City of Murphy built a new 2000+ square foot shelter replacing the current 800 sq. ft. shelter built in 2000.  The Chief of Police said in 2013 the main reason for the decision was space, more space!  The second reason is the city had high hopes the new shelter would bring several new volunteers to the shelter to compliment the current staff made of two officers.  The current shelter is laid out so as the city grows they can continue to add on to the current shelter and future expansion plans were already designed for the next phase. 

In Wylie: In 2014 the City of Wylie established guidelines for a volunteer program to expand the volunteer program in order to meet increased demands on staff that are beyond resource capabilities.  In 2015, the city budget established a capital outlay through the general fund of $104,122 for new animal control motor vehicles as well as $58,907 for building improvements and maintenance to the current shelter.  In 2016 the city implemented research and a plan for the growth and future needs of the city shelter facility.

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