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The College of New Jersey: Expand and upgrade the Physical Enhancement Center in Packer Hall!

TCNJ's Physical Enhancement Center is far too small to house the thousands of students it is open to. While there is an athlete gym with high quality equipment, it is generally not open to all students. Packer's PEC should be expanded to appropriately represent the number of students who go to the school. Not only that, but there should be access to more free-weights and higher quality workout machines. Many of the pieces of equipment are outdated and break relatively frequently. TCNJ would be benefiting their entire student body if they truly expanded the PEC into a much larger, accessible, and higher quality gym. Sign this petition of you agree that TCNJ should invest more in the health of their students.

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The College of New Jersey
Please expand and upgrade the Physical Enhancement Center in Packer Hall. In its current state, students must constantly compete for free weights that constantly go missing, wait in lines to access certain machines, and deal with workout machines that break frequently. The entire student body would appreciate an investment in a better, higher quality gym capable of holding more students who want to become healthier and get in shape.

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