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Create A SAF Funded Safe Rides Program

On March 15 2012, TCNJ students Ryan Alley and Michael Krassan were involved in a car accident which put Michael into critical condition and eventually resulted in the untimely death of Ryan. The students had been dropped off by a shuttle at the Brower Student Center after spending the night at a bar in New Hope and hit a tree on their way home. While the official cause of the accident still remains unclear, it is possible that this tragic incident, along with many other accidents which have occurred around TCNJ, could have been avoided if a safe and accessible alternative form of transportation was available to the student body.

This petition is calling on the school to create a Safe Rides program funded by SAF that will provide students with an inexpensive and secure way of getting home . Based off the program that exists at Rider University, students who are intoxicated, tired, or stranded without a safe ride would be able to call and get a cab ride to their destination for only around $3 a person. Let's show the administration that as a student body we want to help increase the chances of preventing another accident like Mike and Ryan's from happening again and that this is a smart and responsible decision in making everyone in the Ewing community safer.

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