Reject Censorship at Conference on Refugees

As sociologists we know from the beginning of our careers that we will face opposition from those who are exposed by telling the truth about the world. I ask you to do the hard thing by keeping this conference open to all voices that can show evidence for their statements and theories.

I once had to show courage dealing with the Secret Service, Washigton D.C. Park Police, and city police to organize a rally in front of Capital Hill and the White House. They made threats, and they attempted to get us to cancel our plans using intimidation. But, we went forward as the atrocities perpetrated by BP's Deep Water Horizon, and a complicit Comgress, required that Americans speak out in disapproval.

I urge you, at this time in history, to hold on to our courage, that of Bernie Sanders, Michael Moore, Gandhi, Mandela, and give voice to the suffering.

You can do this!!!

Lydia Johnson, Omaha, NE, United States
4 years ago
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