Reject Censorship at Conference on Refugees

To the US,
the Western governments,
and the Saudi-Turkey-NATO backed coalition that portray terrorist groups as “Freedom Fighters” (Jabhat al Nusra, Jaysh al Islam, Ahrar as Sham and ISIS).

Between 2011 and 2016, your masks have fallen.

You refer to the international law but you applaud its violation against a Sovereign State. You pretend to promote democracy for the Syrians but you are the harbingers of the terrorism that is prolonging their suffering.

The fact that no moderate rebels exist in Syria has been admitted by the U.S. Government on several occasions. Vice-president Joe Biden has admitted it, the Pentagon’s General Dempsey has admitted it, Tulsi Gabbard of the US Armed Services Committee has admitted it, and the Defense Intelligence Agency has admitted it. Western corporate media agencies have themselves admitted that the West is supporting al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria in an attempt to overthrow President Assad, yet, perversely, the same media systematically re-brand barbaric head-choppers and child murderers as ‘moderate rebels’, when their heinous crimes are propitious to Western foreign policy objectives.

Ignoring facts and concealing them where necessary you all played your miserable part in this orchestra of lies.

You knew that the secular Baathist government acted as a life insurance for all minorities inside Syria but you persisted in discrediting and ridiculing those who came to the defense of the persecuted minority communities.
Even worse, you continue to do so.

To what aim? To justify the bombing of a small sovereign state, whose greatest crime was to resist the imperialist order.

To come to the aid of a democratic opposition whose true face you have hidden behind a mask, perpetuating the myth of a moderate, that, in reality exists only in the meeting rooms of luxury hotels in Geneva, Doha, Paris or Ankara.

Western ‘civilization’ has become so decadent, the masses so dumbed down, so passive and apathetic, so hopelessly addicted to simplistic sound bites and spectacles that it is possible for those who keep them in such torpor to occasionally reveal the truth about Western complicity in crimes against humanity, then simply resume the tragic-comical narrative of Western benevolence. Repetition of falsity always triumphs over elucidation of truth.

The society of the spectacle only sees what it is told to see. Our crimes are transposed and boldly displayed in a virtual gallery as the crimes of others.

You are the main culprits of the ‘Massacre of the Innocents’ in Syria.

Jozef Sioncke, Zulte, Belgium
4 years ago
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