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Co-op - please don’t rob us of our only Pub - The Royal Oak Crawley Down

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Don’t rob us of our only Pub

Please do not try to convert our only pub in to a shop

There has been uproar in the Village of Crawley Down as our local pub has been bought by Property Developers and the belief is they wish to turn it in to a mini supermarket which the Co-op have an interest in obtaining.  Other supermarkets may also have eyes on it

The owner has put in tenants who have given terrible service, the opening hours are erratic, there is no food and they frequently run out of stock. The pub has now been closed by the owner who has no apparent interest in running it and this is causing considerable distress to many. 

Loss of the pub will destroy the character of the village centre and also take away an important element binding our community together.

The pub has not been well managed in the past & not helped by the previous owners who had a business plan in place which made it difficult for any tenant to earn a fair income.  It is the ONLY pub in our rapidly growing village and a potential goldmine if properly run and invested in.

We already have a Co-op in the Village plus McColl's and although small, there is no way the community can afford to lose the pub just to get a bigger shop.

 This petition may also be sent to any other supermarket chain who consider trying to take our pub from us.


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