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Petitioning Member of Parliament Richard Fuller MP

The closure of Riverbank Children's Ward Bedford: Ensure the safe and immediate return of all services, on the Riverbank Ward.

The re-opening of Children's A&E, the Children's Assessment Unit, Emergency Overnight Inpatient Care, Planned Overnight Inpatient Care:

Actions taken today are unacceptable and we (listed here) petition to ensure full services and order at Bedford's Riverbank Ward is restored.

Letter to
Member of Parliament Richard Fuller MP
I am writing to you today, to express my grave concern to the threat of closure of the paediatrics department at Bedford Hospital, following the news that Junior Doctors are to be withdrawn from Riverbank Ward. On my behalf I urge you to ascertain why recommendations for improvement, which have been made, since 2004, by staff working in the paediatrics department, have not been acted upon by the Bedford Hospital Trust.

The alternative of traveling to Luton or Milton Keynes to access Paediatric and Maternity services is totally unreasonable and unacceptable, when we already have this excellent facility on our own doorstep. Not to mention the additional, substantial, costs that would be incurred by young families. Some of whom are already stretched to their financial limits, in a time of austerity.

I also ask that you consider The Government’s political drive towards a market driven NHS, which I believe is leading to precious money going out of the service and into the pockets of private healthcare companies. This juggernaut is set to ride roughshod over the very founding values of our health service.

There is currently a £30bn funding gap, which nails the lie that the Government is not cutting health budgets. With funding flat lining and the demand for £20bn in so-called efficiency savings, is it any wonder that the there is potentially a funding gap? Realistic levels of funding and a more integrated approach between health and social care must be the way forward.

The NHS funding gap must not be taken as ‘set in stone’.
I think it is also worth noting that this year, Barclays' bonuses for top bankers alone were £38.5 million, equivalent to;
• 1,800 nurses
• 600 potentially-life saving neuroblastoma treatments for children with cancer
• More than 1,000 Junior Doctors posts could be provided with an injection of cash of this magnitude?
Your immediate intervention s urgently required.

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