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The Clark County Board of County Commissioners: Put a 4-way stop at the intersection of NE 199th Street and 29th Avenue

This is a dangerous intersection with a history of crashes and high-speed near misses.  Each of the major intersections in all four directions are either a 4-way stop or protected by a signal (once the planned signal is in at 219th.  199th is becoming a speedway. The neighbors have asked for a 4-way stop for a long time. On July 1st, 17-year old Kaitlin Miller died in an accident when her friend didn't see the stop sign, and the intersection was obscured by vegetation. A 4-way stop could have prevented the accident.  Let's prevent the next tragedy. 

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  • Clark County Washington Board of County Commissioners
    Commissioners Madore, Mielke and Stuart

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